In such a pivotal time in their lives, students need to feel empowered, inspired and enthused- yet not all of us embrace this. projectHUNI wants each and every student to eradicate the nasty feelings of learned helplessness, stress and anxiety that guard us from celebrating our passions, strengths and abilities. 

We want to tell students everything we wish we knew when we were transitioning into university, that would have not only made navigating uni so much easier, but also lessened that anxious feeling of stepping out of your comfort-zone into a new independent environment. We simply want to match their expectations with the reality.

projectHUNI runs student-led workshops to high schools because there is nothing more comforting than hearing from a student who's footsteps you're about to walk in. The conversational and interactive nature of these talks cover everything from the daily logistics to managing that stressful period when you're trying to pick a course.
We are currently working with over 40 schools across Sydney and rural NSW.

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When would you like us to visit?

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