A note on motivation

Motivation is an interesting thing. On the surface, its more or less the same for each individual: the desire to act. Dive into its core however and you’re hit with one of the most multi-faceted phenomena known to man.

AKA common to all is the desire to act, uncommon is the desire itself.

Put it this way. If desires and therefore motivation were uniform, we would be able to succeed at absolutely anything we put our mind to. But they aren’t and we don’t. We have likes and dislikes. We have things we are passionate about and things that wind us up. The reasons we get out of bed in the morning, they’re all different too.

Motivation is the WHY behind our actions. It not only encourages us to simply do but to strive for more. Ask 10 different people why they like ice-cream and I guarantee you’ll get 10 different replies. Motivation is why Sally takes ballet classes and Susie goes running.

Desires, interests, and passions are readily celebrated in our community, so why is it that so many of us feel compelled to squash them as soon as we step inside the University gates? Why as students do we feel we need to study subjects we aren’t interested in? And how on earth do we plan to motivate ourselves to do so?

The reality is, lots of us don’t ever come up with that plan. Lots of us end up switching courses (to something we are actually interested in… surprise surprise!) while some of us end up dropping out altogether.

If you can’t sit in class or at home and tell someone WHY you study what you study or WHY you want to study a particular course, then maybe it’s time to reassess the action. Maybe it’s time to replace the action with one grounded firmly in interest and driven by motivation. Maybe it’s time to use the Course Resource*.


*The Course Resource by projectHUNI allows students to search for their course via interest rather than the narrow criteria of ATAR and institution.