Are you second guessing your degree? Read this.

Before you enrol in a degree consider this:
You’ve got to be there on average 15 hours per week.
In these 15 hours a week you usually enrol in 4 subjects.
Within 1 of these subjects you have an average 2 assignments and an exam.
That’s 8 assignments and 4 exams a Semester.
These 4 subjects go for 1 Semester (4 months).
You then have to do this again.
For a 3 year degree, you’ll repeat this process 6 times.

So what’s that…that’s around 10,000 words you’re writing and 500 minutes worth of exams you’re sitting every semester.

Now this is just estimation and each degree varies completely, but you get the picture. Uni is hard.

Now imagine yourself enrolling in a degree you’ve chosen for every other reason but your own. Maybe your friends are doing it, it sounds cool, it’ll look good on your resume, or it’s at a beautiful sand stone building uni that resembles Hogwarts so everything will be sweet no matter what.

But in reality, you could be sitting there learning about something you aren’t really interested in, you go home to write an assignment about something you don’t really like writing about, and then you go onto sit an exam for something you studied for the night before. You get the picture.

Everywhere else in the world seems to have their shit sorted. To enrol in a degree in other countries around the world you have to submit a page about why you want to study that particular degree. It makes sense, right? You actually have to sit down and write about why you want to study that degree, or in other words; a testament to what’s going to keep you motivated over at least the next 3 years.

In Australia we can enrol in absolutely anything we want to. I might not done any science subjects in the HSC yet I can try my luck in Medical Science. This is both a blessing and curse. You have the agency to choose whatever you want. But being a lazy and naïve 18 year old, the chances are you might enrol in something you know nothing about.

I enrolled in my Uni course the day before UAC closed. This hasty decision was made because I was psychologically overwhelmed by the process of choosing and I completely lacked any sort of direction.

Get people thinking about what they’re actually going to be studying by using the Course Resource. The Course Resource places interests at the forefront when choosing your Uni degree. Rather than utilising the narrow criteria of ATAR and institution that’s currently used, it subtly taps into your interest to place you on the right path.