A thank you to Greg.

I think some of the best advice I’ve ever received about uni was from a bloke at uni I bought my textbooks off. Thanks Greg, this one’s dedicated to you.

It was a simple five-minute conversation that, unbeknownst to Greg, helped me enormously. It consisted of him explaining all the little intricacies of uni life. It was completely unsolicited but gratefully received. This conversation went something along the lines of what his favourite subjects were, how to manage your time, where to get lunch, and even what to expect from the lecturers for each subject. These little bits of information are usually so overlooked but are crucial to a naïve first year student such as myself. Although he probably has no idea, Greg well and truly saved the day.

It’s an interesting period in your life. Whether we recognise it consciously or subconsciously, uni is an independent environment. You don’t want to be THAT guy who is constantly at the student support office asking how to change subjects, or at the counsellor questioning why you’re even in the degree in the first place. You want to be the guy that knows what’s going on. Ironically, this is a mere impossible task without actively seeking support in the first place.


As first year students you want to be able to prove to yourself as well as others that you can navigate this environment by yourself…so you trudge along stubbornly until you no longer can.

As a student, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should know that your peers are always there. You could be sitting next to someone in your tutorial who has all the answers you’ve been searching for without realising. Your friends at uni , particularly those within your degree, actually shape your strongest support network at uni.

Student to student interaction is so vital yet no one seems to be accessing it. projectHUNI provides a program for students by students. We believe this premise is essential; simply getting advice from the person whose shoes you are about to walk in, is one of the most comforting forms of advice you’ll ever receive.

And that’s what we’re here for…we’re here to help.