Starting uni? Here’s what I wish I knew…

While there are a lot of things I wish I knew heading into uni, there are also some things I’m glad I had no idea about. To know everything simply ruins the surprise, kills the fun some might say. But by the same token, to know absolutely nothing spells disaster.

My biggest wish is simple: I wish I actually knew what uni was, aka I wish I understood it’s purpose. As a high school leaver I believed that university was literally, for want of a better word, “job training”. I imagined it to be seriously practical and real-worldly. While for some courses, this may be true, I personally faced a somewhat different reality.

While I very quickly realised that the purpose of uni was far from literal “job training”, I took a good few months to wrap my head around the fact that instead, it is simply an environment in which we learn how to learn. An environment in which we engage deeply in academic discussion in order to refine desired skills; communication, comprehension, logic, time management…

So why do I wish I knew this? I guess that knowing this would have allowed me to better position myself. It would have allowed me to not only get my head in the game, but to get it in the right game!

With change comes shock and un-comfortableness; even when we are expecting the change. I believe that to have a realistic expectation of what’s ahead not only lessens the severity of these unwanted feelings but allows us to direct our energy purposefully and thus flourish.

So while many of you may be thinking you’d trade my wish for the answers to this year’s final exams in a heartbeat, I hope that you can, like me, use it to setup for a killer year!

If you’re starting uni this year (or are like the rest of us and are a confused second, third or fourth year) and have a million and one questions you need answered, drop us a line, we’re here to help!